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Embarcadero Map :

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Mercado 133, Barrio Xaltocan, 16090 Xochimilco, CDMX


Blvd Adolfo Ruíz Cortinez (Periférico Sur) N/A, Xochimilco, Unidad habitacional aztlán, 16034,CDMX.

Whatsapp:52 1 8122031788
Phone :52 55 56759004



The cost of the trajinera?

Our costs offer a discount when the services they reserve online. The official rate of the tourism secretary is $ 500 MXN.

Is the cost per person or per trajinera?

The cost is per trajinera, the capacity for each one is 20 people.

What is the service schedule?

The service hours are from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Holidays have special hours that you can check through our social networks.

Does the Embarcadero have parking?

The Nativitas Embarcadero has 350 parking spaces, the cost is 30.00 MXN for the whole day, the Embaracadero Cuemanco has 500 boxes and is free of charge.

Cost of the signs or covers in the trajineras?

The sign has no cost, must be requested when booking at least 24 hours in advance. The cover of the painted trajinera has a cost of 600.00 MXN and must request with 36 hrs in advance, the cover with natural flower has a cost of 6500.00 MXN and must be requested with 1 week in advance.

Can it be approached with food and or drinks?

Food and drinks are permit.

How do I get to the Embarcaderos/piers?

To get to the Nativitas Embarcadero:
Public transport(diferents options).
a)In Microbus (Pino Suarez metro station) Take route 26 to Xochimilco, walk towards Guadalupe Ramirez. Take route 36, Xochimilco-Centro-Galeana, it will leave you one block before the pier.
b) Microbus from the station tasqueña. Take Route 36 Xochimilco-Centro-Galena to the Embarcadero Nativitas.
c) By light train (Taxco station). Board the light rail until the last station (Xochimilco). Exit the light rail and walk in the opposite direction to the flow of cars through Avenida Cuauhtémoc (7 min / 650 mts approx) to violeta street. Take a microbus route 36, Xochimilco-Centro-Galena.
d) San Lazaro Metro: Take the M1 mobility system (San Lazaro-Nativitas). Get off at the Nativitas Forest, walk towards the embarcadero.
e) Alameda Oriente: Take mobility system M1 (Alameda-Xochimilco). Get off in nativitas forest, walk to the embarcadero.

By Car:
Take Periférico Sur to the Valeritos Roundabout, then join the Northern Division Extension, then Francisco de Goytia until Camino A.Nativitas, turn left for Heliotropo until Hermenegildo Galena continue to the Embarcadero.

To get to the Cuemanco Embarcadero
Public transport: (Metro Taxqueña). Take Microbus in direction UAM-XOCHIMILCO.

By Car:
Periferico south towards the old canal of Cuemanco, take deviation from the Virgilio Uribe track (old chanal of cuemanco). Follow to the pier.

The applications that we recommend when you come by car is Waze and Uber (you will find us as, and you use public transport you can use moovit.