Trajineras.com from the canals to "dot com"

Our history of how we came to create the platform that facilitates the reservation in trajineras.

Xochimilco means field of flowers in Nahuatl.

1870 Agustín del Monte started in the prehispanic art of making trajineras to transport flowers and vegetables. The trajineras were designed to transport 4 people.

1920 Galdino and Juan del Monte, just 11 and 14 years old, they learned in the workshop of their father Agustín to build trajineras. They started in the transport of vegetables that went from the chinampas to the markets.Two models were manufactured with capacities for 6 and 8 people.

Photo:M.Ramos. Xochimilco 1910.

1935 The movement of club of Rotarians in France on the tourist laws began, the president Lázaro Cárdenas promoted the international tourism in the country. Juan and Galdino began the manufacture of the first trajinera tourist for 40 and 50 people, these only have the base.

Photo:Historical digital archive INAH.

1947 Galdino along with 4 people were participants of the Nativitas Embarcadero foundation with help of the project of President Miguel Alemán Valdez. Xochimilco was promoted mainly in Europe. The trajinera was designed for 20 people, today is kept as the most used

Photo:Historical digital archive INAH.

1965 They began to delivered the first "lunch pack" on trajineras board for the travel agency "Welcome" located in the center of the mexico city , Xochimilco lived another growth visitors. They mainly came from the United States, Canada and Germany.

1987 Xochimilco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

1993 The services began at the Embarcadero Cuemanco. Korea and Japan tourism began to grow.

The writers C.Fuentes and G.García. photo: Fabrizio León

2010 Misael M.Del Monte started the trajineras.com project with the purpose to promote the tourist destination of Xochimilco and improve the customer service offer in the trajineras.

2019 The platform has visitors record in different countries from 4 continents, it started communication channels in 4 different languages

More than 100 years in service in trajineras, every day we look for new ways to improve to keep us another 100 years more.

In memory of "Galdino Del Monte".